Automotive electronics- Advanced ECU systems (control and Microelectronics), Architecture microelectronics of Telematics control units (TECU) in vehicles

The aim of this electronics laboratory-based course is to extend the delegate’s knowledge of electronic principles and develop an understanding on the workings of ECU and ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) / Telematics in vehicles.

The diagnosis of complex vehicle systems requires a technician with a high level of understanding. Emphasis on this course is given to the construction of specialised electronic circuits, TECU system and practical testing using high precission laboratory tools and meters.

The training course consists of two parts, the theoretical and practical.

  • The first part (theoretical) describes the architecture design and logical flow of Advance Driving Assistance system in vehicles, (microelectronics components technical characteristics and  logical sequence for operation telematics), and
  • The practical part provides the trainees with all the practical skills required to find out, faults using  TECU .
COURSE TITLEAutomotive electronics- Advanced ECU systems (control and Microelectronics), Architecture microelectronics  of Telematics control units (TECU) in vehicles 
PROVIDER CONTACTname: name:  Andreas Polydorou email:
TEACHERST1-Giannos Panayiotou
TYPE OF COURSE Work-based training
On-site training
DATES EXPECTED OPENING28/1/2023-24/2/2023
DATES AVAILABILITY  Other (specify): According to trainers’ availabilities and trainees’ demand
WORKLOAD STUDENT (in hours)·       36 hours of classroom training (lectures, group discussion, case studies, exercices)
·       2 hours hand-on training (lab, onsite)
·       (2 hours Examine- Multiple choice, assessment, open questions)
·       90 hours self study
EQF LEVELS ☒  EQF 6          
LANGUAGES☒  English ☒  Greek
MAIN SUBJECT☒  Microelectronics for a greener economy
KEYWORDSKW1-  Adas system
KW2- Telematics control unit, Gateway ECU
KW3- Transceiver, System basic chip(SBC), Mofset
KW4- Microcontroller, security controller, memory,
KW5- Multichannel (LDO, PMIC) Application processor, Baseband Cellular C-V2X
KW6- Ethernet switch, Automotive sensors (Hall switches,3Dimage)
KW7- Active antenna supplies(Transistors), wi-fi/ bluethooth,
KW8- EDS, Surge protection, MEMS microphone, Audio Amplifier, Back up battery
LEARNING OBJECTIVESLO1 Adas opération system in véhicule
LO2- Basic components of Adas system (cameras, Radar, lidar and sensors)
LO3- Principle of operation and theory of TECU system
LO4- Block diagrams /Components/ electronics flow diagram of TECU
LO5- Troubleshooting/readings
LO6-  Practical and writing exams
PREREQUISITES P1- Graduate of technical school (electrical section) with three (3) years of experience in domestic electrical installations,
 P2- Diploma or degree in electrical or mechanical engineering with at least two years of experience in related electrical works.
 P3- Licensed Automotive technician specialist in electricians of the EMS Dept
 P4- Senior Electronic Technicians or Computer/Electronic Engineers (enrolled in the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber ‐ ΕΤΕΚP3- Licensed Automotive technician specialist in electricians of the EMS Dept

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