E-learning in autonomy

  • FPGA Design and Fabrication

    FPGA Design and Fabrication

    The aim of this course is the students to acquire proficiency with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and skills to creating prototypes or products for a wide variety of applications. Course covers whole process and steps needed to develop, design, simulate and program an FPGA chip. The modules, included in the course are introduction in […]

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  • Fabrication of Silicon Microsystems with Piezo-resistive Feedback

    Fabrication of Silicon Microsystems with Piezo-resistive Feedback

    Microsystems deal with the miniature mechanical mechanisms with embedded electronic elements fabricated by technologies similar to microelectronics. The synergy between fabrication technology and design will be demonstrated on various devices with piezo-resistive feedback.  Based on device specifications this course addresses the whole development cycle, incl. selection of materials and exploitable technology, as well as the […]

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  • Microelectronics Packaging Technologies

    Microelectronics Packaging Technologies

    Key microelectronic packaging technologies are studied, including: Multi-chip modules (MCM) – three major technologies (MCM-L, MCM-C, MCM-D) and methods for via metallization in MCM; Single-chip packages – Ball Grid Array, Column Grid Array, Land Grid Array, Chip Scale Package, Wafer Level Packages; Stack packaging – Package-on-Package (PoP), Package-in-Package (PiP), 2.5D/3D TSV Packaging Trends PCB design, […]

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  • Computer modelling and simulation in Analogue electronics

    Computer modelling and simulation in Analogue electronics

    The aim of this training course is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for simulation and modeling of analog electronic circuits through SPICE simulator.  The free Analog Devices LTSpice simulator is used to simulate the circuits. The Performance-centered approach is used to implement the course, and for each topic a task description is defined, […]

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  • LoraWan technology

    LoraWan technology

    The LoraWan course offers a complete curriculum for VET students and professionals interested in Internet of Things and creating long- range IoT solutions. By completing this course, the students will develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals that make Lora radio modulation and how to design, build and deploy LoraWan networks. This course delivers knowledge […]

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