• Design of ICs with CADENCE

    Design of ICs with CADENCE

     Problems related to the design and investigation of submicron and nanoscale MOS integrated circuits are covered by this course. Currently there are some nanotechnologies in the means of 14 nm design kits, which are available via the EUROPRACTICE organization. The main attention is drawn to the theoretical and practical usage of state-of-the-art industrial CAD systems, […]

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  • LoraWan technology

    LoraWan technology

    The LoraWan course offers a complete curriculum for VET students and professionals interested in Internet of Things and creating long- range IoT solutions. By completing this course, the students will develop a strong understanding of the fundamentals that make Lora radio modulation and how to design, build and deploy LoraWan networks. This course delivers knowledge […]

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